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Education and behaviourism

The 1st session is always an hour-long so we can discuss in depth and build the most detailed picture possible of the situation. Afterwards, you have the choice of a shorter session should you wish so.


1 hour consultation: 50,00€ VATI

45 minutes consultation: 40,00€ VATI

30 minutes consultation: 25,00 € VATI


The first 15Km from Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse are free of charge.

Travelling charges after the 15Km offered: 2,00€  flat rate for every 5 Km cycle started.

Doggy day school - Day(s) or week of education

You just got a puppy and work full-time? The mere idea of leaving him/her alone at home makes you nervous? You would like to teach him/her the basics as soon as possible? 

Your dog cannot stay home alone and it's a real problem in your daily life? He has education problems or is lacking in that field? He has behaviourial troubles and your schedule allows you little time to work on those issues with your furry friend?


eDOGation has a solution!


Entrust eDOGation with your dog during your working hours. In a pleasant surrounding, he or she will learn new things at his/her own rythm and accordingly to his/her temperament so the goals you have set can be achieved. Of course, depending on the amount of time given to work with your dog results may vary (you cannot achieve in one day the same level of training as in a week).

Moreover, if you choose the "Week" option, a 30-minute session in your presence is offered on the Saturday following the last day of training (or on the 1st available day depending on availabilities). 

What can you expect?

For puppies (max 2 puppies at once):

Puppy training is about teaching the basics necessary to live with the family in harmony: potty training, learning to stay alone, walking on leash, stopping nipping, facing various stimuli, socialization, jumping, ...

Be assured that the dog's rhythm is taken into account. Training sessions are short and repeated during the course of the day. There is also time to rest and play, and if pup is still on a 3-meal a day regime he will be given food at midday (food is provided by the owner in order not to upset the dog digestive system).

For adult dogs (max 2 dogs at once):

Depending on your wishes and needs with regards to the dog, one or more aspects of training and behaviourism are worked on. Each day is punctuated by training sessions and moments of rest and/or play. Repetition of the various exercises is essential for good learning.The time required to work on the goals set will be discussed with you when enquiring about doggy day school so you can make the decision that best fits your needs.

One day puppy school: 70,00 € VATI

One week puppy school (Monday to Friday): 320,00 € VATI (including a 30-minute session with the owner on the Saturday)

One day dog school: 50,00 € VATI

One week dog school (Monday to Friday): 240,00 € VATI (including a 30-minute session with the owner on the Saturday)



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