Pregnancy and motherhood

The (future) arrival of a baby is a very special moment in a couple's life. This blessed time should be peaceful, quiet, happy. However, this massive change for Humans is just as huge for your dog. Both the lead up to the birth (including setting up a nursery) as well as coming home from the Maternity with an added member to the family are likely to generate a change of behaviour in a number of dogs, signs of aggressivity for instance.


Baby cries, the attention given to your newborn - or the preparation for his arrival - a lack of time for daily walks, stress linked to mother- or fatherhood, ... Here are only a few aspects likely to make an unwanted (or potentially dangerous) behaviour appear.


It is thus essential to think ahead and not wait until the last minute to work with your dog and give him the best chance to go through this new chapter in the family life smoothly This work can also be done before the pregnancy begins.


The bond between children and dog can be incredibly fulfilling and nurturing. However, this bond should not take place outside of boundaries set by the parents, mostly for safety reasons.


Numerous incidents, such as bites for instance, could be avoided if simples rules had been set in place ahead of time, when the child starts interacting with his four-legged friend. Not allowing the child to lay on the dog is one of those rules that can save a life. Yes, the resulting pictures of said behaviour and that appear on the Internet on a daily basis are really cute to look at. But... For a single picture that makes it online, how many accidents took place under the same circumstances? The nicest of dog is not safe from having a "moment", and when that happens the children is on the front line.


Laying down a few household rules will allow your children to develop and build a balanced relationship with the family pet, in a very secure way, where playtime will still take place, only in an adequate manner.