Whether you are thinking about welcoming a puppy or an older dog in your family, the choice of your future companion is paramount to a good relationship.


Choosing the dog you find the cutest, the most adorable can unfortunately turn out to be the wrong move. Various criteria should be taken into account when choosing a dog. What are your living conditions? Do you live in a house or a flat? Do you have a garden? Fenced or not? Who are the members of the household? Do you have a lot of time to dedicate to a pet or are you overbooked as it is? Do you play sport? Are you a "homebody"? These are only a few points to think about before bringing Lassie home.


Another important point to consider is where the puppy/dog will come from. Breeder, pet shops, private "breeder", rescue, ... The places where you can find a furry friend are numerous but will offer dogs with very different profiles. Not to mention that your future puppy or adult dog will have experienced very different lives. Try and find out as many information as possible about the places you think of visiting, and do not hesitate to go to a number of places, nor to ask as many questions as you can think of to the person who will show you around. No answer should be vague or off limits. If you have doubts, you probably haven't found the right place to get your dog from yet.


eDOGation is there to help and guide you in your choice of breed, or at least the sort of dog that will be best suited to your lifestyle. eDOGation can also help you find the right place to get your dog from, and even accompany you when meeting with a breeder or seller.